Shipping & Delivery Options

Fabricating high-quality pediatric and orthodontic dental appliances for over 20 years. Located in Lexington, KY.

For your convenience in shipping your cases to Helton Laboratory, we provide prepaid shipping materials for USPS priority mail delivery.  We will generally ship completed cases to your office via USPS unless when requested otherwise.  For special requests, please contact us and we will be happy to make arrangements to fit your needs.

Lead Times

Your deadlines are our deadlines, and we are committed to working with you to return your order promptly and efficiently.  When submitting your order, please submit a due date that is one day prior to the actual appointment date.  Although we publish no official lead times, we generally require three to five working days to complete a patient case.  This does not include shipping times.  Please contact us for rush order cases, which may be accepted with an appropriate additional delivery fee.  We will immediately notify you if there is a problem with your submission or a delay in your case.


Please contact us for a quote on any of our products.  We will work to earn your business and provide you quality work at competitive prices.


All of our appliances are guaranteed for 90 days of normal wear. Broken appliances will be evaluated in the lab and cost if any, will be determined at that time.


All of our appliances are guaranteed to fit the model provided. Should the appliance not fit the model provided to your satisfaction, we will remake it at no charge to you. Please send the original model with all remakes or call to discuss.

When Submitting a Case

  • Please try to ship more than one case in each box or tape boxes together to save on your shipping cost.
  • Carefully inspect your working models for voids, distortions and bands out of place. Our finished product depends on the quality of your patient’s model.
  • Please label your patient’s name on the bottom of the model, especially when more than one case is sent in a box.
  • Supply upper and lower models whenever the teeth are to be repositioned or if an extremely close bite creates a potential for occlusal interference.

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