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Blue Grass

Bluegrass Appliance

Designed in the Commonwealth of Kentucky by Dr. Bruce Haskell of University of Louisville and Dr. John Mink of University of Kentucky, the Bluegrass Pediatric Appliance is used for children with a thumb sucking habit and is a positive alternative to the palatal rake or crib designs.  The appliance is inserted in a mixed or permanent dentition, and the child …

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Band And Loop

Band and Loop Space Maintainer Appliance

The Band and Loop unilateral space maintainer prevents adjacent teeth drifting into edentulous areas after exfoliation or extraction. The distal shoe variation is used subgingivally to assist the eruption of an underlying permanent tooth.

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Nance Appliance

The Nance appliance is a holding appliance used to prevent mesial molar drift.  The curved design is useful as well in expanding or rotating alignment of the molars. The Nance holding appliance may be used with either straight or curved arms, and may be applied as a removable or a soldered band appliance.

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